World Downloader Mod

What is World Downloader Mod


A new mod that I want to introduce to you today is World Downloader Mod. It is created by Pokechu22, Julialy and cubic72 and currently you can use it with Minecraft 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10. World Downloader is a mod that allows saving of a world on a remote server for singleplayer use. Technically, this feature allows you to backup your creations on a server.

Mod Screen Shoots





How to install:

– For Base edit version

  • For 1.7.10 or higher: Recommended using MultiMC to automatically install the mod. MultiMC is a separate launcher that automates mod management.
  • For 1.7.2 or lower: (Replace 1.x.x with 1.7.2, etc in these instructions):

Note: If you have a recommendation for simplifying these, Don’t just say MAKE IT FORGE COMPATIBLE. Forge does not have the hooks for directly capturing network and screen events.

  • Close the launcher.
  • Copy the .minecraft/versions/1.x.x folder to .minecraft/versions/1.x.x.wdl
  • Go into folder 1.x.x.wdl
  • Rename 1.x.x.jar to 1.x.x.wdl.jar
  • Rename 1.x.x.json to 1.x.x.wdl.json
  • Edit 1.x.x.wdl.json and replace text “1.x.x” with “1.x.x.wdl”
  • Open 1.x.x.wdl.jar, delete META-INF and copy in the class files from the World Downloader zipfile.
  • Restart the launcher, “edit profile” (or make a new profile) and “use version” 1.x.x.wdl.

Important usage notes:

  • You need to open chests while downloading or their contents cannot be saved.
  • The mod can only save chunks which are sent by the server as you move around. If you see the chunk while downloading, then it’s saved! If you don’t move, it will likely only save 10 chunks (160 blocks) in each direction.
  • The seed is not saved automatically. You must be op to request the seed with the /seed command. World Downloader will pull the seed automatically from the server response.
  • When you click “stop download”, wait until the world is saved to disconnect. You will be notified in chat.
  • Some entities such as Fireworks will freeze the client if used while downloading. Known bug.

– For LiteLoader

Note: DO NOT EXTRACT THE .LITEMOD FILE! The .litemod file is what is manually loaded. Some browsers may automatically attempt to open it; if you use safari either you can find the original zip in the trash, or the automatic opening in Safari’s Preferences (Safari —> Preferences… Untick “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”).

In most cases, you should be able to just install Liteloader and then put the .litemod into the mods folder. Sometimes, that doesn’t work, in which case you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Start with a clean download of Minecraft, making sure to save any necessary files (the 3 I saved were servers.dat, resourcepacks folder, and options.txt).
  2. Download liteloader-installer-1.x.x-00-SNAPSHOT.jar (Mac) or liteloader-installer-1.x.x-00-SNAPSHOT.exe (Windows) HERE.
  3. Quit Minecraft (if it’s open right now), and install LiteLoader from the .jar/.exe you just downloaded.
  4. Run minecraft, join a server or something, and then quit Minecraft again.
  5. Download the appropriate .litemod file from the downloads section.
  6. Place the downloaded .litemod file inside the minecraft/mods/1.8 folder:
    • For Mac users, get to your minecraft folder by opening Finder and then pressing shift + command + G.
    • Enter ~/Library/Application Support in the box and press “Go”.
    • For Windows users, type %appdata% in your search bar thingy
  7. Download Java Development Build using the links below, courtesy of UltiNaruto. Make sure to choose .dmg for Mac users, and .exe for Windows users.
    • Get JDK 1.8.0 here :
    • Check “accept license” and click on “jdk-8u45-macosx-x64.dmg”
      You can get JDK 1.7.0 here (if you need) :
    • Go to “Java SE Development Kit 7u80” section
    • Check “accept license” and click on “jdk-7u80-macosx-x64.dmg”
  8. If you run mac or linux, you need to also do the following:
    • Open the Minecraft launcher, select “LiteLoader 1.8” under “Profiles”, and click “Edit Profile”
    • Under “Java Settings (Advanced)”, make sure you have the box for “Executable” checked, and type /usr/bin/java into the box (YES, PASTE IT IN EXACTLY LIKE THIS)
    • Hit “Save Profile”
  9. Run Minecraft using your LiteLoader 1.8 profile, join a server, hit Esc, click “Download World”, run around to load the chunks you want to download.


Download links

– For Forge:

There is no forge version of World Downloader. However, you can use the Liteloader version with Forge, which will generally work. Look on the liteloader thread for instructions on how to install with forge, and then insert the .litemod file as described above.

– Base edit version:

World Downloader Mod 1.10

World Downloader Mod 1.9.4

World Downloader Mod 1.9

World Downloader Mod 1.8.9

World Downloader Mod 1.8

World Downloader Mod 1.7.10

World Downloader Mod 1.7.2

World Downloader Mod 1.6.4

– LiteLoader version: (Requires LiteLoader Mod)

World Downloader Mod 1.9.4

World Downloader Mod 1.9

World Downloader Mod 1.8.9

World Downloader Mod 1.8

World Downloader Mod 1.7.10

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