[1.7.10][64x] Thermal Expansion Misa Mix/Texture-pack

If you want a much more realistic Texture-pack, Thermal Expansion could provide you. Although this pack borrows textures from other, the creator tweaked and changed in places to fit Thermal Expansion’s functionality. Most items in this pack are animated as the Furnace and Cyclic Assembler. The updated has released that added:

Version 1:

  •  Redstone Furnace (animated texture).
  •  Pulveriser.
  •  Sawmill.
  •  Induction Smelter.
  •  Magma Crucible (dynamic texture).
  •  Fluid Transposer (dynamic texture).
  •  Glacial Precipitator.
  •  Igneous Extruder (animated texture). (needs improvement)
  •  Aqueous Accumulator (animated texture).
  •  Cyclic Assembler (animated texture).
  •  Energetic Infuser (animated texture).
  •  Energy Cells (will probably change), (basic and hardened are animated).
  •  Workbench (will probably change).
  •  Tesseract Active (animated texture).
  •  Illuminator Frame.
  •  Hardened Glass.
  •  Strongboxes.
  •  Machine Frames.
  •  Crescent hammer.
  •  Invar Bow.
  •  Coils.
  •  Signalum Lock.
  •  Sawdust and Compressed.
  •  Slag and Rich slag.
  •  Most GUIs and Elements.

Version 2:

  • Portable Tanks
  • GUI for Assembler and Workbench
  • Various other changes

How to install Thermal Expansion Misa Mix/Texture-pack?

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