Some steps to be self-sufficiency

Some steps to be self-sufficiency

Some steps to be self-sufficiency

From now to the future life, people are still trying to seek for a better and healthier life. Eating well with safe food and drinks will be a crucial part of that trying. So one of the most promising activity is equipping yourself with a self-sufficiency living style. Here are the 26 simple steps to be a self-sufficiency.

  • Plan a garden:

The basic and the most well-known method to offer your own food resources. It is not necessary to have a big land to grow a great garden, just a small ground of land is enough. Growing your own garden will not only offer you food independence but may also improve your own survival skills.


  • Know how to can your own food:

This steps goes hand in hand with growing your own garden. If your own garden possesses a large size, it will produce not only enough but more than your and your family’s demand of food. You should learn how to can them before they go to waste. Asking your friends and searching out on the Internet or more careful visit an expert for the best answers.

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  • Plan a herb garden:

Fresh herbs is also important alongside with a great garden

  • A dehydrator

Dehydrating Food and Canning go hand in hand. The options you have with a dehydrator  is only limited by your imagination. You can make jerky, fruit roll ups, dehydrate eggs, etc. Fruits make a tasty healthy snack for young and old…

  • Plan few fruit trees:

A healthy meal cannot be itself without fruits. Spend a small area in your garden to grow some fruit trees is not a bad idea.

Those are the most important steps to make your own self-sufficiency life style. Besides, you should also learn to save seeds, raise a few small backyard animals, compost everything, to ensure your products will be at its best condition and are always ready to serve to a healthier meal.


To sump up, growing your own garden to be independent from the outside product will help you to fit in a trend arising globally, these steps will not necessary in its correct order and can be modified depending on your wish.

Help yourself and your body a healthy meal!

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