[1.8] Simple texture pack

[1.8] Simple texture pack

Sometimes, the simplistic will bring us the most comfortable beside the busy day with studying, working, stress ect. Even in your Minecraft, the simplistic will provide you the effect way to relax, Simple texture pack is rolled-out help users do this.

This pack includes Most flowers, Armour, Steve and Alex, Anvil, crafting table, and furnace, Most ores and ore blocks, Coarse dirt, Snow and ice, Stone and bedrock, apple, all wood types, Ruby add-on for ruby lovers and much more are coming. This pack is now in 65% Complete and its resolution is 16×16.

The updated has released with some new added below:

  • Ore blocks
  • More flowers
  • Coarse dirt
  • Leather armour (May make more textures)
  • Anvil and furnace
  • Replace emrald ore with ruby texture
  • Recolour or retexture emrald blocks for a more ruby tone
  • Add a new texture for emerald item
  • Rename all emerald items to have “Ruby” instead of “Emerald”, like Ruby ore ect.How to install Simple texture pack?
  • Download and install this pack
    Link to download:
  • Start Menu -> type in : %appdata% → hit the Enter
  • Search for .minecraft
  • Move to “.minecraft” folder -> choose resourcepacks folder
  • Place the entire file of “Simple” Texture Pack into this folder (resourcepacks folder)
  • Don’t compress the file
  • Run minecraft and enjoy!


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