Schematic2Json Converter

What is Schematic2Json Converter

Schematic2Json Converter

Hello all. I’ve made a new simple utility that converts a schematic file to a .json mesh file. For most users, you simply have to extract the zip folder somewhere and run “Schematic2Json.exe”. Then, you enter the location of your schematic file and it will create a json model from it in the same folder as the schematic. If you want to run it from a script or something, you can just supply the path in the first command argument, and put “nopause” in the second, so it doesn’t pause after the operation is complete. Example: “schematic2json “<pathtoschematic>” nopause”

At the moment, it just uses the stone texture with automatically generated UVs, but you can change the textures in some json model editing program, such as BDCraft Cubik or MrCrayfish’s modeller.

Mac users:
You’ll have to use Mono to run the application, as it is written in C#. to get mono. After installing mono, run “mono Schematic2Json.exe”

Libraries used:
– fNbt
If you have any suggestions, or need any help, please leave it in the comments.
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version: Minecraft 1.10
Tags: Schematic, Schem, Json, Model, Convert, Conversion, Converter, Micle, MicleBrick, Modelling, Program

Credit: MicleBrick

Download links

For Minecraft 1.10

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