Rough Mobs Mod

What is Rough Mobs Mod 1.10.2, 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9


Do you like the Zombies theme for your Minecraft world. The Rough Mobs Mod which is comparable with Minecraft 1.9.4 is a small mod which makes some vanilla mobs significantly harder. This mod is very configurable! You can disable/change every feature in your config file.

You can use this mod with server-side only but because some features will be a bit buggy it is not recommended.


  • Zombies spawn with random enchanted armor and weapons (You can remove/add equipment in the config file).
  • Zombies have a chance to spawn on a Zombie Horse.
  • Zombies have a small chance to spawn as boss zombies which are way more difficult to fight but they drop some nice equipment.
  • Zombies apply the hunger effect to targets (The effect stacks up to level 4).
  • Zombies have an increased knockback resistance and 30 max HP instead of 20 max HP.
  • Baby Zombies now burn in sunlight.

  • Skeletons (also Wither) spawn with random enchanted armor (You can add/remove equipment in the config file).

  • Skeletons always spawn with a Bow in their mainhand and a sword/axe in their offhand. If a player is near them Skeletons exchange their weapons.
  • Skeletons have a chance to spawn on a Skeleton Horse.
  • Skeletons have a small chance to spawn as boss skeletons which are way more difficult to fight but they drop some nice equipment.
  • Skeletons have 30 max HP instead of 20 max HP.
  • Skeletons in the Nether always become Wither Skeletons on spawn.
  • Wither Skeletons spawn now everywhere in the Nether.

  • Creepers become invisible while they are near a player.

  • Creepers are a lot faster now.

  • Slimes do a lot more knockback depending on their size.

  • Slimes have now 50% more HP and can jump further.
  • Small Slimes can jump on players head to apply nausea and slowness to them.

  • Endermen drop now at least one enderpearl on death.

  • Endermen teleport players away who attack them.
  • Endermen have a chance to apply either blindness or nause to targets.
  • Endermen steal and drop held items of targets.

  • Spiders take no more fall damage.

  • Spiders apply the slowness effect to targets (The effect stacks up to level 4). If the effect reaches level 4, the next attack creates a web on the targets position.
  • Spiders have a chance to spawn with a mob riding it (Mobs can be added/removed in the config file).

  • Cave Spiders have all new features from normal Spiders.

  • Witches apply random effects to entities around them.

  • Witches spawn 4-7 Bats on death.

  • Silverfish have a chance to split themselves into two when attacked.

  • Zombie Pigmen have all new features from normal Zombies.

  • Zombie Pigmen now also become angry if the player goes into their hitbox
  • Zombie Pigmen also have a chance to become angry when the player breaks a block around them.

  • Blazes spawn now everywhere in the Nether.

  • Blazes have now 30 max HP instead of 20 max HP.
  • Blazes create explosions on death.
  • Blazes push the player away and deal damage to him if he attacks them. Always attack them with ranged weapons!
  • Blazes ignite to the player if he goes into their hitbox.

  • Ghasts have now 15 max HP instead of 10 max HP.

  • Ghasts are now immune to arrows and other projectiles.
  • Ghasts drop primed TNT when a player is below them.

  • Magma Cubes are now much more common.

  • Magma Cubes have all new features from normal Slimes.
  • Magma Cubes regenerate HP while in lava.
  • Small Magma Cubes drop lava on death. This can be very dangerous if they stick on your head.

  • Bats can fly on players head and drain half a heart per second.

  • Skeleton and Zombie Horses now burn in sunlight.

  • Snowballs melt instantly when thrown in the nether.

Many mobs have now an increased follow range!

This mod also allows you to add/remove your own attributes to entities on spawn. You can increase: max HP, speed, knockback resistance, attack damage and follow range.


The mod also allows you to create custom mob spawn entrys. More informations can be found in the config file.

If you have any suggestions for new features feel free to post them!

You are allowed to use all of my mods in your modpack! You don’t need to credit me.


(A boss Zombie with a beautiful moon background)

How to Install

Download and install Minecraft Forge
Download the mod.
Go to %appdata%.
Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into that.
Enjoy the mod.

Download links

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Mods For minecraft 1.10

For Minecraft 1.9.4

For Minecraft 1.9 (updating)

For Minecraft 1.8 (updating)

For Minecraft 1.8.9 (updating)

For Minecraft 1.7.10 (updating)

Credit: BlayTheNinth

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