MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

What is MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod 1.10, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9

Furniture Mod

Furniture is important stuff that appears in your home. If you want to decorate your home, you really need if. Luckily there is simple way (and cheaply, of course) to add furniture into your Minecraft world thank to Mr_Crayfish. Yes, I’m talking about his mod – MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod. You can add more than 30 pieces of furniture to Minecraft. They are very amazing and beautiful that can make your garden and home special.

Furniture Mod-1

You are expected to see items such as cabinets, coloured couches, tables, curtains, blinds, lamps, chairs or kitchen’s stuffs such as water tap, freezer, fridge and oven. You can check out these recipes below:


Furniture recipes

More information about Recipes:

They work similar to real-life: The oven cooks food just like a furnace; lamps work when powered by redstone; and cabinets and fridges store items.

Furniture Mod-2

List of Furniture:

Presents; Wooden Chair; Wooden Table; Wooden Coffee Table; Cabinet; Freezer; Carpet (Black, White, Brown, Green, and Red); Fridge; Blinds; Couches (Black, White, Brown, Green, and Red); Lamp; Curtains; Stone Table; Stone Chair; Stone Coffee Table; Bedside Cabinet; Oven Range Hood; Oven; Bird Bath; Hedge (Pine, Oak, Jungle and Birch); Picket Fence; Stone Path; Mail Box; Water Tap; Computer; TV; Fire Alarm; Printer (Includes Ink Cartridge); Electric Fence; Stereo; Christmas Tree; Ceiling Light

Mod review

How to install

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod!

Download links

For Minecraft 1.8.9

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Mods For minecraft 1.10 (updating)

For minecraft 1.9.4 (updating)

For minecraft 1.9 (updating)

For Minecraft 1.8 (updating)

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