Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod

What is Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod

Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.12, 1.11.2, 1.11, 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.8.9, 1.7.10 – minecraftmods19.com

Let’s be honest! Have you ever for a second of time, feel tired and devastated when looking to the same teal and blue outfit on your Steve? Or maybe you found a great skin, but want to dress it up without sacrificing it to find a new outfit? Then congrats! You find what you need here. Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod will give you what you need. The mod contains a full wardrobe and accessories for all of your gaming needs.

To get yourself started, you should first start collecting cotton in the overworld, then turn it into either cloth or seeds for farming more cotton. Mine halite ore to use in making multi-use bottles of dye. Create patterns for different clothing types such as sleepwear, casualwear, careerwear, beachwear, formalwear, and costumes. Make special tools to begin crafting, you will need a needle & thread, knitting needles, sewing scissors, a measuring tape, and a pin cushion. Simply place a pattern, fabric, tool, and other materials into the crafting grid to begin “sewing”.  Now you will have a fancy new outfit to impress your friends!

Main features:

  • 2 new world gens including grow-able cotton plant and halite ore
  • 10 new tools & weapons + (some accessories offer damage abilities)
  • 21 patterns for crafting clothes
  • 25 different bottles of dye
  • 26 different fabrics
  • 35 different accessories + 1 edible (a hot dog!)
  • 146 different clothing pieces (shoes, hats, shirts, dresses, skirts, etc.)

Some screenshots:


Fabric & Dyes

Patterns & Tools

Pattern Recipes

Tool Recipes

Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod Review:


Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod installing instruction:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to %appdata%.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and put the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If it does not exist, you can create one.
  • Finish

Credit: JujuAwesomeBeans

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
JujusClothingCraft[mc-1.8.9]_v1.1.2.jar release 1.8.9 31,641 15/11/2019
JujusClothingCraft_v1.1.1.jar release 1.7.10 16,002 15/11/2019
Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod 1.12.2 Updating 1.12.2 Updating Updating
Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod 1.12.1 Updating 1.12.1 Updating Updating
Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod 1.12 Updating 1.12 Updating Updating
Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod 1.11.2 Updating 1.11.2 Updating Updating
Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod 1.11 Updating 1.11 Updating Updating
Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod 1.10.2 Updating 1.10.2 Updating Updating
Juju’s ClothingCraft Mod 1.9.4 Updating 1.9.4 Updating Updating
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