How to Become Energy Self Sustaining

How to Become Energy Self Sustaining

How to Become Energy Self Sustaining

What do you think if I say that you can create your own energy sources with some simple installations? People tend to ignore this statement and consider it as a normal joke but with the development of technology nowadays, this is actually possible. There are more and more people becoming energy self sustaining, independent from the local electrical grids and start supplying their own needs of energy.

Wind Energy

The kinetic energy in the wind can used to create electricity with a wind turbine by using the principles of induction. It is unnecessary to have a huge commercial wind turbine to get a decent amount of produced electrical energy. Smaller wind turbines designed for residents are also efficient.


Solar Energy

A solar photovoltaic panel (also known as PV-cells or solar cells) converts sunlight into electrical energy. The process happens complicatedly. These panels are able to provide large amounts of electricity.

With passive solar systems you can supply your house with solar powered heating. The target here is not to provide electricity, but rather reduce the overall consumption of energy. By just using passive solar systems alone, you can cut significant amounts off of your electrical bill.


Energy Storage Batteries

Wind and solar energy are common but not quite reliable regarding to availability. They probably cannot supply the base load of electricity such as coal and nuclear fission plants. Therefore, energy storage batteries become absolutely crucial if you want your home becomes truly self sustaining. Now you have a dynamic system that fills the batteries with energy whenever there is a surplus of wind and/or sunlight that you can use later.

Briefly, Solar panels and wind powered electricity in your home is a good and realistic way to be energy self sustaining without spending too much money.

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