EledorPack texture pack for Minecraft 1.8


Warmth and coziness are what Corgam – the author of a new project named EledorPack texture pack version 0.02 wants to bring to Minecraft world. With a wide range of warm colors and similar scenes that users can find in many texture packs, EledorPack gives players a sense of comfort and content. The author made all blocks himself, so please do not copy right. Although only few blocks are already at the moment, let’s hope that someday there will be more and more for users to create their building.

Sugar cane and lilipad

Birch and oak planks

New red sand and sandstone

Still several things which need to be fixed such as dirt, planks and logs shading ‘cause they don’t match the style of the rest of the textures according to a high grandmaster artist – Pinky4341. Let’s see what the author do in the next update, whether he take notice the advice or not. Anyway, don’t forget o support Corgam so that he/ she can make the pack better for everyone.

Here are some screen shots:

Main menu

Stone and blue orchid

Sand and sandstone


Mossy and normal cobblestone

Spruca Wooda

Forest path

How to install EledorPack resource pack:

  1. Download the resource pack file.
  2. Go to your start menu and type %appdata% in the search box, open your .minecraft folders, then open the resource packs folders.
  3. Drag and drop the new .zip file into your resource packs folder, close windows.
  4. Start Minecraft, and click on the options tab.

Features updated:

–          Blocks:

  • Oak wood, planks, sapling, leaves
  • Bird wood, planks, sapling, leaves
  • Spruce wood, planks, sapling, leaves
  • Grass block, podzol
  • Mossy and normal cobblestone
  • Dirt, coarse dirt
  • Farmland wet, dry
  • Gravel
  • Sand, sandstone (all types)
  • Red sand, red sandstone (all types)
  • Sugar can, cactus, lilipad
  • Tall grass, double tall grass
  • Fern, double fern
  • Flowers: allium (two variants), tulips, dandelion, poppy, azure bluet, oxeye daisy
  • Stone
  • Blue Orchid

–          GUI

  • Buttons
  • Background

–          Misc

  • Colormap


Download EledorPack texture pack for Minecraft 1.8:


Download old version (0.01 version) here:



Author: Corgam


 Game version



50% Complete

Minecraft 1.8



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