Download Modern and Better version 1.8

Download Modern and Better version 1.8

Modern and Better version 1.8 has released adding some features such as 3d modeling, and simply updating the pack to Minecraft 1.8. The creator also is planning to make the logs round. The version 1.8.2 will come in the short time with 3d models and awesome textures. Try and see it now!

Check out its changelog below:

  • 3d sugar cane, 3d ladders
  • Fixed all gui to work with 1.8
  • Separate textures for the top/bottom of cobblestone
  • New cobblestone textures
  • New gravel texture
  • New realistic stone walking sound (recorded from real life!)
  • New realistic door sound
  • New falldamage sound.
  • The noisy zombie hit sound has replaced with the sound of hitting flesh, the sound is deep for adult zombies and high for babe zombies, making those quick bastards sound smaller.
  • Tamed the biome colors a bit
  • Removed biome compliancy from sugar cane, player hit sound,  alexbrine

How to install Modern and Better version 1.8?

  • Download and install this pack from link below: 
  • Start Menu -> type in : %appdata% → hit the Enter
  • Search for .minecraft
  • Move to “.minecraft” folder -> choose resourcepacks folder
  • Place the entire file of “Modern and Better” Texture Pack into this folder (resourcepacks folder)
  • Run Minecraft and enjoy!
    See some Modern and Better Texture pack screenshots and leave us your comment below!


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